Predoctoral Scholars

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Predoctoral Scholars


Integrative Cancer Scholars (ICS) offers several unique training opportunities for predoctoral researchers during their two years of support. Only Ph.D. students who have completed their coursework and advanced to candidacy are eligible for ICS support.

  •  The predoctoral scholar actively participates in two case-based clinical experiences with their physician science mentor each year.
  • Scholars attend and present their research at a national American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting during each year of support.
  •  Annual AACR membership dues are provided for each scholar.
  • Scholars chose one among several National Training Workshops to gain new technology to apply to their research projects during their two-years of support.
  • Each year, the scholar will invite and host a professor/key opinion leader to present in the Cancer Biology seminar series during the Fall and Spring semesters – a rewarding opportunity to network with national leaders in the cancer biology field.
  • For a continuing second year of support, predoctoral students must apply for an NIH F31 proposal during their first year (F31 deadlines Dec. 8th and April 8th).

Predoctoral members of the Integrative Cancer Scholars who are also members of the Cancer Biology (CBIO) Graduate Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program (GIDP) participate in the following CBIO GIDP activities:

  • CBIO students must attend the Cancer Biology seminar series (runs through the Fall and Spring semesters).
  • Students must attend and present at the annual the CBIO Student Retreat Biology seminar (occurs in November).
  • Students must attend and may present at the annual the Cancer Center Retreat (occurs in April).
  • Students must attend the CBIO Colloquium (runs through the Fall semester). Each student presents his/her original research once per semester in this weekly forum and is encouraged to invite his/her entire thesis committee to attend and provide feedback.

 Timeline of activities for Predoctoral Scholars 

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